The Art of Appreciating MORE

Chapter 2: What You Think Matters drawing explanation

I painted this using water-colored pencils. I was thinking about the way thoughts matter usually far more than we are taught about them. My Thoughts Matter. Your Thoughts Matter. I depict the global impact thoughts have regardless upon their origin. Thoughts are complicated too and are unable to be seen conventionally, however, if they could be seen they would be very beautiful. My initial thoughts regarding the drawing were that although thinking has always been around forever for humanity, I feel, for myself, there are four types of thinking I have participated in during my life, thus far.

The First type of personal thinking, I sense I’ve had, was when I was born. As an infant. These are probably those thoughts I had between birth and approximately 5 or 6 years old. With only a few quasi exceptions, I do not remember those thoughts or experiences. I feel perhaps (just speculating) I had thoughts knowing more about where I came from and why I was here. I lost my memory of these thoughts for the most part.

The Second type are my default-valued thoughts. They are thoughts that I had before I became aware of The Law of Attraction and before I actually internalized the belief that “I create my own reality and I do so with every single thought I have.” These thoughts are still available to me, yet, the longer I apply deliberate thinking into my life, the less often default thoughts dominate. These thoughts are primarily generated from what others have taught me to think.

The Third type I experienced initially while under the influence of LSD, Mushrooms and even Marijuana. Indeed, my experience with these mind-altering-enhancing substances in 1968–1970 have changed my life, my processes of thinking and the content of my thoughts.

The Fourth type of thinking I encounter is after I became aware that “I create my own reality”. This knowledge changed my life also. Once this became a part of my enlightenment it enhanced and improved my life in major and consistent ways.

This drawing expresses, from my prospective, the proportional size or dimension of thoughts, whereas a thought is huge and once created, from whatever type of thinking is occurring, that thought expands itself into the world and becomes a representative of myself, my worthiness and my life purpose or intended plan. It travels in multiple directions, utilizing various frequencies or vibrations, and at numerous speeds and with a variety of intentions never compromised, however independently arising from within me and manifesting where it knows it must go in order to create from itself what I desire. A thought is the absolute meaning of ‘from nothing something comes into being’ for it is a part of its Source in order to be awakened into existence. In its awakened state it moves at will to coalesce and continue in ways that when it was initially made, created or actuated there was no direct knowledge of it, yet there results a truth in the unknown factors from where it goes to create or become fulfilled