The Art of Appreciating MORE Book Summery

This is the Art of Appreciating MORE, that I often call “THE MORE BOOK”. There is something special that happens to me when I use the word “MORE”. When I type or write it, I want to capitalize MORE (although I restrain myself from doing so in the text of The MORE Book, as much as I could). It, MORE, even as I type it and when I speak the word I often immediately sense MORE as part of what is good to be a part of in life. My ears and eyes hear and see the word “MORE” very easily. Incidentally, I experienced this about the word “Appreciate” which led to my first book, The Art of Appreciation. After writing The Art of Appreciation, and then publishing it, I had a sense of accomplishment and joy, even while feeling openly vulnerable and publicly exposed. Over the past years some people have mentioned that The Art of Appreciation Book helped them in some ways. Some people say it helped them be happier. It is a book about appreciating into your life. Now, I publish the MORE book to share the results of appreciating into my life very deliberately. Therefore, it is a book based upon appreciating and if it happens that someone benefits from reading it, I would like that happy feeling. Happiness is a very good feeling.