About Peggy Halevi

Hi! My name is Peggy Halevi, and I am a Great Appreciator

Sometime after I was completely enamored by learning what was contained in The Secret Book, now many years ago, in about 2007, I began a quest to discover more about all the people who participated in the Secret. Each cast member had so much to offer me. I quickly picked up the Secret Movie and found a particular member of the original Secret Movie named Abraham Hicks. I started to read the Abraham Books and soon I was hooked. I resonated with it all. It was a lovely precious curiosity that brought to me so much more understanding about the Law of Attraction. I became a good student of the Law of Attraction and in so doing I noticed Abraham mention that there was a difference between appreciating and having gratitude.
That was it. From there I spent literally years in a deep beautiful magical focus and study on “appreciation”. I quickly found the difference between gratitude and appreciation and I was off and running with it all. I formed an appreciation group and decided to collect and study appreciations. I also started to write, my first book, The Art of Appreciation.

The Art of Appreciation Book

It is a beautiful book. That seems biased being the author, yet I did not create that book alone. I connected with a voice within me that helped me along my way. This near obsession with appreciating, soon became an obvious tool for me to deliberately improve my life in so many ways it was apparent I was on a path to a very good place.

I love appreciating. It is a very special ability we all have. It is worthy really coming into understanding it into your life. Everyone benefits from Appreciations.

I was attracted to the substantial differences between Gratitude and Appreciate. Initially it seemed that they were so similar that I might be taking it all too seriously, yet I felt a calling and a need to learn why I felt so determined to discover the nuances between these two words that are often used indiscriminately as if they were the same. They are not!

The Art of Appreciation Book not only provides details and examples about appreciation versus gratitude, something that will enhance your knowing, it also introduces the reader into the World of Appreciating systematically and yet with guidelines into discovering not only what you appreciate but also what you desire in your life. Appreciating can significantly assist in bringing more to appreciate into your awareness. It is a great adventure in getting to better know yourself. This book comes with a page of appreciations at the end of each chapter and a work page to prompt your thoughts to move into a deeper realization of what you really want.

The Art of Appreciating MORE book

My second book, The Art of Appreciating MORE (Published April 14, 2021), which I often refer to as the MORE Book, is a true inspirational work of love that took 10 years to compile. It is also a beautiful book filled with colorful stories and words of matured wisdom. The Art of Appreciating MORE Book introduces concepts of actively, often, and deliberately appreciating held with solid personal intent. It also takes unexpected shifts to focus such that you can better control your life, now and for the future. It is a thoughtful sensitive book that looks directly at the potential of change.

The timely consistent surfacing of “equality”, with details and stories to express if not define how to be the better person we not only want to be, but the people we are needing to be in order to move forward as a humanity. And, make no mistake, we are changing and shifting as a humanity into improvement. We are learning to be kinder. The stories truly example the Law of Attraction through a lifetime of applying techniques to make life a better place.

Wisdom is a special type of learning that is emphasized as a process of desires and experiences brought together in the stories that support the Law of Attraction in action and in a connection to your personal inner peace. Many Law of Attraction books seek out to teach how to make money. This book brings the readers to appreciate abundance. That is quiet a different approach as it softens the path of least resistance into a workable forum in which we can create rather than compete for all we want in life.

The MORE Book is an intimate look at seemingly average situations that most of us can relate to and find ourselves comfortably among the thought processes that can and will bring forth betterment. It’s so personal, that you feel your self-thoughts in the thoughts shared. It is a friendly adventure into a confidence that is honest and life lasting. In some areas, you will question your comprehension of what was always presumed yet just in time you are thinking up the answer as your own too.

We are all ready for MORE wonder. The Art of Appreciating MORE is ready to serve.

Contact Peggy at halevipublishing@halevi.com or call (805)650.9000